The Unreal Garden

The Unreal Garden is an immersive augmented reality experience divided into multiple acts. Explore surreal landscapes, discover a variety of creatures, and complete interactive magic puzzles!


Immersive Storytelling:
Follow the narrative of The Unreal Garden, where every corner offers a new chapter.

Unforgettable Memories: Share the atmospheric mind-expanding story with a group for an experience you'll remember forever!

Safety First: We adhere to all health and safety protocols to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all our guests.

What to Expect

You will walk around the play area wearing augmented reality glasses as you use hand and voice commands to interact with the holograms! Because Verse uses AUGMENTED REALITY and NOT virtual reality, you will NOT get motion sick!

Interactive Wonders: Engage with a world that responds to your touch and movement. Each interaction unfolds a part of the captivating story.

Visual Splendor: Be mesmerized by the vibrant augmented reality that transforms the environment into an otherworldly paradise.

Mind-Expanding Ideas: Inspired by the quotes of philosophers and notable luminaries, our experience challenges your perception of reality and ignites your imagination!

A Journey for All Ages: Perfect for families, friends, or a unique date night. The Unreal Garden is an adventure that appeals to the curious heart in everyone.

The Unreal Garden - a young boy interacting with a holographic elephant
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The Unreal Garden is perfect for first-time players. There is no experience required. Ages 7 and up are welcome.

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